In this short video, you can watch me record the raw material for new percussion and drum samples…from food:-) Yummm!

It’s been a lot of fun to go shopping, thinking of what food and drinks would provide me with decent sounds…and great taste:-) No need to say I had fun recording – biting and chewing nachos, chocolate and fresh vegetables and sipping german beer.

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The original recording session was about 20 minutes long. As I don’t plan to bore you to death the video is only about 3 minutes short.

Just in case you’re interested…the mics are a Neumann KM84 and a Josephson e22s, both running into a Forssell SMP-2 preamp. (Except for my voice, which I recorded with my iPhone…hence the hiss…). I then added light compression with the Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B and slightly limited with the Sonnox Oxford Limiter.

The carrots were organic (their packaging not so much) and yes…I ate them with peel:-D

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