Hello and welcome to SuperHeroSamples.com. My name is Marc and I’m the founder of SuperHeroSamples.com.

My mission…

is to provide Beatmakers with warm, organic and…most of all…outstanding samples, that help make their beats stand out from the crowd.

To catch the attention of the listener, you need sounds that are different from what everybody else is using. So your music doesn’t get forgotten the moment the next beat is hitting the listeners ear.

Sample Creation…

My approach to sound design and sample production is very undogmatic and sometimes unorthodox. I’m hearing potential drum sounds in almost everything that surrounds me, where ever I am, all the time. (I know that doesn’t sound sane…lol)

And although I’m using a lot of high end studio gear, both modern and vintage, to record my sounds, I’m not scared of using crappy, cheap recording devices, if I want that lo fi sound…or if I don’t have anything else at hand;-)

I take sounds from every imaginable source and layer these with recordings of real drums, percussions, drum machine samples and vinyl drums. Heavy processing is often but not always involved, always depending on what each sounds need, to get that special vibe.

In the end it’s all about CHARACTER and ATTITUDE!

My Background…

I’ve been involved in different aspects of the music business for more than 15 years. From bass and guitar player in different bands, to spinning funk and disco records in clubs and at parties, running my own label, producing music for TV and working at different radio stations as an engineer/producer.

So I’ve been approaching music from very different angles…producing, playing, listening and analyzing…rhythm, melody, arrangement, harmonic structure, sound, energy and emotion.
When I’m producing drum samples all these influences merge with my hunger for experiment and fun and my passion for warm, organic, punchy, hard hitting drums.