Just a quick hello from my summer vacation…and a quick but super effective tip for humanizing a programmed beat.

In essence, this is about keeping your beats interesting for a longer time for the listener. Or…in other words…to bore your listeners less quickly.

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It is not about adding more fills or other variations to your beats…which you should do anyway…at least most of the time.

And it’s also not about any arrangement tricks or sound molding tactics.

It is soooo simple…

…that it is overlooked way too often.

And it can make a huge difference to the feel of your beats.

However…it requires some manual work. The deeper you apply this technique, the more manual work you’ll have to do.

Anyway…this should’t hold you back. Because the more work is involved, the less people are willing to do it. Which is good for those who don’t shy the extra work. Because it let’s them stand out from the crowd🙂

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Okay…here we go. A beat making tip from the beach…quick and dirty…without a computer…and with lots of wind noise:-)

If you have any questions, suggestions, critique or just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

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    2 replies to "Simple Trick To Humanize A Programmed Beat"

  • Douglas

    Thanks for the tip,
    Enjoy your bath in the sea….

    • Marc K.

      You are welcome, Douglas.
      And yes…I did enjoy:-) Thanks!

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