This video is going to be more technical and more “how to” than the previous videos, so you can steal some of my sample creation tricks for your own productions.

I’m showing you the exact steps and tools I’ve been using to create a kick drum from the food sounds I’ve been recording in this video.

The challenge was finding sounds with enough low end to provide me as good raw material for a kick drum, as in the food recording session I’ve been focusing on crisp and clicky noises and didn’t think of kick drums…don’t ask how I could NOT think of kick drums!

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However I was lucky enough to accidently record some low end noise, as I didn’t use a pop filter. And that low end noise proved to be good raw material for a pounding kick drum.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask in the comments. I’ll be happy to help you out:-)

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Have fun and stay creative!

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