Ok, so now that you have seen me record crisp and ploppin’ sounds from food…heard beats I have created from these sounds …and watched me create a kick drum from these sounds…I thought it’s time for showing you how I create a snare drum from the yummy food sounds.

Two Sound Components

The principle of a snare drum sample is simple. You need 2 components:

  1. A sound with a tonal component, representing the sound from the drum itself.
  2. A noisy sound, representing the snare wires.

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In this case I layered 4 sounds, one for the tonal part…and for the noisy part 3 sounds for more density.

Straight Forward Processing

My approach to processing was straight forward in this case. I tuned the 4 sounds so they fit to each other…and then recorded the layered sounds to a new track.

I processed the newly created sample as a whole, instead of first processing each of the 4 samples individually before merging them.

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I’ve just been in the mood for doing it that way…the most complex approach isn’t always the best and it’s the vibe you’re in that will guide you the way:-)

The Plugins

The plugins used for processing are:

Have fun and stay creative:-)

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