Yeah… it’s freebie time again! This time the freebie comes from Tokyo Dawn Labs in form of an awesome free VST/AU/AAX plugin.

The thing is called SlickEQ and … as the name suggests… it’s a free equalizer plugin.

So let’s have a closer look on what the SlickEQ has to offer.

Rich in Features

It has a classic 3 band (plus hi pass filter) semi parametric layout with an “analogue” behavior, meaning broad EQ curves ideal for mixing and mastering – as opposed to surgical problem solving purposes.

The SlickEQ offers four different EQ styles with distinct EQ curves and behaviors (American, British, German and Soviet).

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In addition you can enrich the audio signal with harmonic content via the switchable EQ saturation feature and three distinct saturation modes in the output stage.

Another great feature that sets the SlickEQ apart from most of its commercial competitors, is the ability to to only EQ the side or the mid portion of a stereo signal, without further M/S processing.

The overall sound of the SlickEQ is smooth, musical and very pleasing.

FREE EQ Plugin Tokyo Dawn Labs SlickEQ -

Easy Operation

A really, really, really cool feature is the auto gain function. It automatically adjusts the output gain of the SlickEQ, depending on the EQ settings.
That means you don’t get misled by changes in perceived loudness when you operate the SlickEQ. You only hear the difference in tone, without fiddling around with the gain control every time you make changes on the EQ.

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I can’t point out enough how useful that option is!

Can this PLEASE be implemented in ALL EQ plugins!? This makes mixing a lot easier!

A Must Have Free Plugin

Feature and sound wise the SlickEQ can easily compete with top notch commercial EQ plugins and – in my opinion – could easily be sold for $200.

But thanks to the incredible people at Tokyo Dawn Labs it’s FREE!

This is a must have free EQ plugin!

You can download your copy at the Tokyo Dawn website.

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    2 replies to "Must Have FREE VST/AU/AAX Plugin – Tokyo Dawn Labs SlickEQ"

    • Hosting

      TDR have been releasing one great plugin after another. Nova is a dynamic EQ. Brilliantly executed and sounds great.

      • Marc K.

        Yes, the quality of the TDR plugins is stunning. Nova is another must have.

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