We all stumble into beat block, producers block, creative block
(however you want to call it) from time to time.




Because it prevents us from finishing our work, moving
forward and having fun.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to prevent beat block.

And if you want, I will show you three ways, that have helped
me to prevent beat block, in the long run, and increase my
productivity and creativity.

W A R N I N G !

These are no magic pills that you take and be a creative genius
5 minutes from now.

There is some work involved.


Still interested?

Ok. Here we go:

1. Have a Large Bag of Tricks

The more production and arrangement techniques we know, the easier
it gets to finish a beat or a song.

Not only do we have more things in our arsenal, we can try out in order to
overcome creative stumbling blocks, but we also get a much better feel for
what a beat or song needs at any given time to get finished.

It’s important to always keep learning and to try out new things often, so
our bag of tricks continues to be filled over time.

2. Apply What You Learn

Watching a tutorial is a waste of time unless you apply what you learn.
Of course, this is also true for reading blogs, books, and magazines.

Theoretical knowledge won’t bring you anywhere, either in beat production
nor any other area in your life.

Beat production is not about theoretical knowledge. It is a SKILL you have to

So before you watch a whole bunch of tutorials and at the end of the last
one forgot what the first one was about…

…watch one tutorial at a time. Then implement the idea or technique you
just learned into your own production.

This is how your bag of tricks will grow bigger and bigger over time. And it will
also help you to…

3. Develop Your Production Skills

If you have ever taken lessons to learn a new instrument, you have probably
heard this before:

“It’s a lot more effective to practice 10 minutes a day than 2 hours once a week.”

You have to stay in touch with your art on a daily basis in order to get better

I have also found out for myself that when I am in “procrastination mode,” I can
trick my lazy brain into a production session pretty easily whenI tell myself it’s
only going to be 10 minutes long.

Most of the time, I end up producing
for several hours.

I highly recommend that you take your first steps towards a beat block
free life right away and start to implement steps 2 and 3 today.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or other tips for overcoming beat block,
that have helped you, please post them in the comments. That way we can learn
from each other.

And please share the article on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, so your producer
and musician friends can alter their production game, too.

Enjoy and stay creative:-)

If you want to learn 30 more ways to prevent beat block, check
out my ebook “33 Ways To Prevent Beat Block”
, which you can get as a
bonus to the “Super Hero Drums” Premium Edition.


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