This article is NOT about some crazy
mix trick or the next “must have” plugin.

Instead you are going to learn 3 simple and
highly effective methods, that will help you
grow as a music producer in the short and in
the long run.

You may already know these methods but maybe
you haven’t applied them yet.

This list will help you remember them and put
them up front in your brain.

Let’s start with what is probably the most
meaningful and powerful wisdom on the list.

1. Don’t Try To Mimic Other Producers

Every human is unique.

And that is a good thing.

It makes the world a colorful and exciting
place and music a colorful and exciting

Your unique personality shines through
in your productions at any stage of your
music production journey.

Regardless of how hard you try to sound
like an other producer.

Give 1000 producers the same sample
pack and let them create 10 beats each
with only that sample pack

I strongly believe you would get 10.000
unique beats. No two beats would be
the same.

So why would you want to try to mimic
someone else?

It will disconnect your mind from your
own ideas, which eventually leads to creative
block and frustration.

Let it flow.

Let your ideas come as they come.
They come to you for a reason.

Take them, explore them, and bring them
out into the world.

2. Stay In Touch With Your Art

If you have ever taken instrument lessons,
you have probably heard this before:

It is a lot more effective to practice 10
minutes every day than 2 hours once a

You have to stay in touch with your art on a
daily basis in order to get better fast.

I have also found out for myself that when
I am in “procrastination mode,” I can trick
my lazy brain into a production session pretty

I tell myself it’s only going to be for
10 minutes.

Most of the time, I end up producing for
several hours.

 3. Apply What You Learn

Watching music production tutorials is a
total waste of time.

Unless you apply what you learn.

This seems so obvious…but most people
just don’t do it.

We all feel excited when we learn something
new. Our brains are wired that way. We see
all the new opportunities our new knowlege
can bring to us.

So we click the next tutorial, to learn even

Big mistake!

We have to put the knowledge into

Theoretical knowledge won’t bring you
anywhere, neither in music production
nor any other area in your life.

Producing music is not about theoretical
knowledge. It is a skill you have to develop.

Please don’t slow your growth by doing it like
most people – stuffing your head with information
you don’t use.

Once you leave that path it’s pretty easy to grow
your skills.

The next time you watch a music production
tutorial, implement what you learn immediately
into your own production before watching the
next tutorial.

This will make your music production skills grow

Most beat makers fail miserably applying these
3 simple and effective methods to become a
better music producer.

This is your opportunity!

Do a little more than most and you will stick

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