The KICKSANDSNARES Signature Series Drums V.1 review is my first here at I didn’t plan to do any reviews on this site.

But when Jim Bond from KICKSANDSNARES approached me to ask, if I would like to do a review of the Signature Series Drum Kit, I didn’t think twice.

I already did a review (on an other website) of A Million Ways To Break – Volume One, the first in a series of drum break compilations by KICKSANDSNARES.

If you’re into drum breaks, these are a must have, full of vibe and funk and dust and a good portion of weirdness.

Back to the subject of this review, the Signature Series Drums V.1 sample pack.

What’s In The Kit?

The drum kit consists of three folders, containing 35 kicks, 35 snares and 65 hihat and percussion one shots in 16bit, 44,1khz quality.

The samples don’t have any crazy names. Instead their name consists of the folder they are in plus a number. I’m personally totally okay with that because I’m bad in remembering names and I avoid using the same sample twice anyhow.

How Do The Drums Sound?

Overall the kicks are fat, the snares punchy and the hihats crisp as they should. The drums are pretty diverse and inspired me to quickly crank out some beats in different styles and moods.

The selection of samples is good and useful. At the same time it goes beyond covering the basics of solid, punchy and textured drums.

The KICKSANDSNARES Signature Series Drums V.1 kit also contains those weird special drums that can add that extra spice to your beats. Plus they are also capable of acting as attention grabbers, that help beats stand out.

Worth Adding To My Production Arsenal?

With the Signature Series Drums V.1 KICKSANDSNARES deliver another inspiring, dope drum kit. It’s full of funk, punch and texture. And it also contains some of those weird sounds, that are able to act as ear candies that shift the listeners interest.

My only wish for the next Volume of the Signature Series Drums would be some more percussion samples like the KS-sighipe63 and the KS-sighipe65 which I like a lot.

I’m giving the Signature Series Drums V.1 by KICKSANDSNARES kit 9 out of 10 SuperHero Fists.


Learn more about KICKSANDSNARES Signature Series Drums V.1 at


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