83 Music Production Tips

83 Music Production Tips You Can Use Right Away

In this list of 83 Music Production Tips you will find shortcuts to better songs or beats, better mixes, smoother workflow, faster skill development and a better production mindset. You can start using all of them right away. However, don’t try to integrate all 83 tips into your music production at once. Instead pick two…

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How To Humanize A Beat - SuperHeroSamples

Simple Trick To Humanize A Programmed Beat

Just a quick hello from my summer vacation…and a quick but super effective tip for humanizing a programmed beat. In essence, this is about keeping your beats interesting for a longer time for the listener. Or…in other words…to bore your listeners less quickly. ➥ You might also be interested in ‘Creating Drum Samples From Food…

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Stellar FREE Compressor Plugin - TDR Kotelnikov - SuperHeroSamples

Stellar FREE VST/AU Plugin – Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov Compressor

It’s time for another gem from the world of FREE VST/AU plugins! And again (like the SlickEQ) it comes from the incredible people Tokyo Dawn Labs. It’s called Kotelnikov (after one of the scientists who discovered the sampling theorem) and is a free compressor plugin for Mac and PC. It comes in all important plugin…

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FREE VST Plugin Tokyo FREE VST Plugin Tokyo Dawn Labs SlickEQ - superherosamples.com

Must Have FREE VST/AU/AAX Plugin – Tokyo Dawn Labs SlickEQ

Yeah… it’s freebie time again! This time the freebie comes from Tokyo Dawn Labs in form of an awesome free VST/AU/AAX plugin. The thing is called SlickEQ and … as the name suggests… it’s a free equalizer plugin. So let’s have a closer look on what the SlickEQ has to offer. Rich in Features It…

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How To Create A Snare Drum Sample - SuperHeroSamples

Creating Drum Samples From Food – Part 4 – How To Create A Snare Drum Sample

Ok, so now that you have seen me record crisp and ploppin’ sounds from food…heard beats I have created from these sounds …and watched me create a kick drum from these sounds…I thought it’s time for showing you how I create a snare drum from the yummy food sounds. Two Sound Components The principle of…

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Creating a Pounding Kick Drum Sample - SuperHeroSamples

Recording Drum Samples From Food – Part 3 – Creating A Kick Drum

This video is going to be more technical and more “how to” than the previous videos, so you can steal some of my sample creation tricks for your own productions. I’m showing you the exact steps and tools I’ve been using to create a kick drum from the food sounds I’ve been recording in this…

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FREE VST Plugins For Better Mixes - SuperHeroSamples

5 Free VST/AU Plugins That Help You Create Better Mixes

With tons of free VST Plugins available, it can be difficult and time consuming to find the true gems, that can actually simplify your workflow and boost the quality of your mixes…instead of getting in the way of your creative flow and leaving you with unsatisfying results. I’m a guy who prefers simple, great sounding…

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SuperHeroSamples - Creating Drum Samples From Food

Recording Drum Samples From Food – Part 2

In this short video a guy with a green mask presents a banging beat entirely made from drum samples I created from food sounds. (You can watch me record the food sounds in this video.) ➥ You might also be interested in ‘Recording Drum Samples From Food – Part 3 – Creating A Kick Drum’…

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Creating Killer Drum Samples From Food - SuperHeroSamples

Recording Drum Samples From Food

In this short video, you can watch me record the raw material for new percussion and drum samples…from food:-) Yummm! It’s been a lot of fun to go shopping, thinking of what food and drinks would provide me with decent sounds…and great taste:-) No need to say I had fun recording – biting and chewing…

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Top 12 Resources For Dope Free Hip Hop Samples

If you can’t get enough of free hip hop samples but are tired of cramming your hard drive with tons of crappy, amateurish sounds, then this post is for you. I have digged the web for hip hop samples that are both free AND of the highest quality, so you can create dope beats with…

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