How To Make Your Beats Sound More Organic - SuperHeroSamples

How To Make Your Beats Sound More Organic

Wanna create more organic beats? Well, after following me through this article you can. I’m going to show you 6 easy to learn beat programming techniques, that will make your beats sound and feel more organic. Some techniques may seem basic and obvious, and yes, they are. But as soon as you incorporate them into…

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Do You Make This EQ Mistake - SuperHeroSamples

Do You Make This EQ Mistake?

In my last blog post, I revealed a method to avoid muddy sounding mixes before you even start to mix your songs. In this article, I want to focus on how to avoid a common EQ mistake, that’s another common cause for muddy mixes. I’ve been guilty of this mistake for quite a time until a…

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The Cure Against Muddy Mixes - SuperHeroSamples

The Cure Against Muddy Mixes

One of the biggest problems in music production is muddy, undefined mixes. Instruments mask each other, meaning they operate in the same frequency region and thus don’t leave space for one another. Imagine a group photo, where everyone stands in front of each other instead of taking separate positions. You wouldn’t be able to see every face on the picture.…

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How to finish songs and beats in half the time - superherosamples

How To Finish A Song Or Beat In Half The Time

When an idea hits you, your main goal is to capture that idea as fast as you can. You want to have your music production system up and running as fast as possible. Losing time in this critical moment of the music creation process will most certainly lead to losing your idea. It will be…

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KICKSANDSNARES Signature Series Drums V.1 - Review

KICKSANDSNARES Signature Series Drums V.1 Review

The KICKSANDSNARES Signature Series Drums V.1 review is my first here at I didn’t plan to do any reviews on this site. But when Jim Bond from KICKSANDSNARES approached me to ask, if I would like to do a review of the Signature Series Drum Kit, I didn’t think twice. I already did a review (on an…

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3 Effective Methods To Become A Better Producer

This article is NOT about some crazy mix trick or the next “must have” plugin. Instead you are going to learn 3 simple and highly effective methods, that will help you grow as a music producer in the short and in the long run. You may already know these methods but maybe you haven’t applied…

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Create Your Own 808s and Booms - Super Hero Samples

BOOOM! How To Quickly Create Your Own 808s And Booms

Before I show you how to quickly create your own 808s and booms… …I have a confession to make: “I don’t need no speed, I don’t need no heroin, I don’t want no coke, You can keep your ketamine, I’m a bassline junkie, I’m a bassline junkie, I’m a bassline junkie…” Hahaaa…still lovin’ that Dizzee…

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How To Mix Kick & Bass - SuperHeroSamples

How To Properly Mix Kick & Bass For A Punchy Low End

No doubt. People love music with a big, fat, tight and punchy low end. Regardless if they are listening to hip-hop, club music, urban music and about any modern pop style. And therefore, it is super important that we get the low end tight in our mixes. The requirement for a punchy low end is…

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3 Simple Secrets To Sound Selection - SuperHeroSamples

3 Surprisingly Simple Secrets To Good Sound Selection

Selecting the right sounds for your music is crucial for 4 reasons: The overall sound of a beat fundamentally influences its energy. Genres and Subgenres are fundamentally defined by their sound. Sound triggers emotions. Selecting the right sounds makes mixing a lot easier. The first 3 reasons affect the people who listen to your music.…

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5 Tips To Make People Listen To Your Beats From Start To Finish - SuperHeroSamples

5 Tips To Make People Listen To Your Beats From Start To Finish

Your goal with every beat and song should be… …to TOUCH, EXCITE, and ENTERTAIN. If you suck at this, no one is going to listen to your music. They’ll skip right to the next artist. The good news is, there are proven methods you can apply to your productions to INJECT MORE EXCITEMENT into the…

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